Do you feel like you missed the boat?

You had an opportunity that you passed on, and now you are stuck in a place that is going around in a circle. How do you break the cycle of missed happenings?

I believe that you have to start taking chances with life events.

Stop missing your chances because of lack of confidence or fear of failure.

You just have to take those chances and go with the flow of success and sometimes failure. And it is okay to fail, that is also part of the process of opportunities knocking at your door.

What if you never failed at anything because you never took any chances in life? That in itself would be a very depressing thought. I am not suggesting that you take major chances with your life savings; I am talking about doing new things in life, exploring new jobs or careers, learning a new skill. These examples are all part of baby steps toward the new you!

Put some spring into your step and take some challenges today!

Put some spring into your step and take some challenges today!


Challenging yourself

First and foremost, you have to take some chances in life. It would not be very much fun if everything just happened the way you wanted it to without working for it.

Things happen for a reason. We are offered opportunities and when it happens, we need to take the chance. What do you have to lose? Maybe a bit of an investment in something, or maybe just an investment in yourself; including your self-confidence and desire to make some changes.




Doing what you like, and liking what you do!

Trying something new may be very intimidating to you so start out small.  A good example is my adventures lately. I have been trying to expose myself to new ideas and new people by joining different groups and workshops. This has helped me to meet new people and grow from their thoughts and wisdom. It also helps me to expand my ideas and projects that I am working on; making my life more creative.

Whatever  you decide your next adventure is, it will be as challenging as you want it to be. So get out there and do something that you always wanted to do.