Positive Living

Getting your power back

Give yourself the power to live with positive energy inside your mind, body and spirit by learning how to forgive those who have done your wrong, upset you or have made you angry.  No one can make you angry, sad or upset, you are in control.

You are the only one who can release that negative energy from inside your inner being so that you can become a more positive, centered and balanced person.

A tree carefully watching the beauty of the day

A tree carefully watching the beauty of the day

Your success is  based upon your ability to help yourself find your way through life with ease and harmony. Find ways to be positive about life, even if it is hard to do. Practice patience with others and with yourself. You can do so many things in your life with an attitude of being grateful, caring and loving.

Look outside your usual pattern of thinking, and find some sunshine that not only warms your outer being but helps with your soul.

Even if there is only a glimpse of sun today, find it, soak in it like a cat lying in a window feeling the warmth of the day.

Notice colors around you, and in the clothing that your wear. When you need soothing and mellowness, wear shades of purple to help settle you down.

When you need some uplifting, wear yellow and orange colors to brighten up your day.

When you need to be calm first check with your breathing, and physically slow it down; breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth for a nice AH breath; making sounds that rattle your insides so that energy begins to move around your body and then you smile because you feel good.

The spirit in you wants to be free to explore and be happy. When you change yourself to be a more positive person, life will change for you. You will see things differently and every day will be a new, pleasant experience because the good and the bad just are there; there is no difference between good and bad days; days are to be honored and treasured one after another.