Hi Mom

You keep tapping on my shoulder, singing in the trees and clanging the bells of your wellness now.

Mom's favorite flower. She had a large bed of tulips- too many to count when I was a child

Mom’s favorite flower, the tulip. She had a large bed of tulips- too many to count when I was a child

You keep telling me how wonderful life is now that you are spirit.

The beauty of nature does not even touch the beauty of being a sprit, reaching the stars and heaven. There is no more worry, sadness or anger; there is peace, beauty and love.

In the Spring

You loved springtime , and told me often not to plant flowers until the end of May (after Memorial Day), and then you and I would go to the church across the street from your house to buy the most beautiful flowers that we could find. And we would plant them all around your beautiful home.

Clear Memories

That planting memory seems so long ago, yet I can see us struggling on our knees; taking breaks often because there were many flowers to plant. We always did it in one day, on a Sunday when I did not have to work.


Every spring I will have this memory and it is a good one of when you were well and happy.

You took time with each of your children, grandkids and great-grandkids  in different ways.

And now, I am  still close to you in a  spirit that keeps telling me to talk to you often.

And  when I do know that you are near, I smile because it is your special gift to me.

Mom’s special healing way was listening to everyone. She did not give her opinion, she just listened; something I have been practicing for a long time, sometimes successfully  but sometimes I tell others what I think!

Mom had much more tolerance than I do. Thank you mom for making my life special.