Parsnips and Potatoes

parsnips and carrotsTrying something new is a great thing- this week add parsnips to your veggies mix!


I recently started using parsnips in my recipes because I tried them and really enjoy eating them. They look like carrots except they are white.

An easy recipe that I made in a frying pan. I just peeled and chopped 2 carrots, 2 parsnips and 1 potato ( left over cooked the day before). I also chopped a tomato and a slice of pineapple, and added a cup of frozen peas.

In a frying pan I added a teaspoon of olive oil and teaspoon of fresh chopped ginger and then  added the carrots, the chopped tomato and parsnips for about 10 minutes. ( the tomato adds the moisture for the steaming effect)

Use your own judgment on how you like your carrots and parsnips- I like mine crisp so I cook for about 8 minutes.

Afterwards I added the peas and the pineapple and already cooked cubed potato. Cooking for another 5 minutes.

While cooking for  some added zest, I added a sprinkle of Cumin and Turmeric for some added color and flavor. This is growing evidence on spices adding to your health and Turmeric was just reviewed for help in Alzheimer Disease- helping with memory.


The other carrot!

The other carrot!