Do we really want to hear the truth about everything?

 Is the truth different for some people?

Or is there only one way to look at things in life that just happen to you?

There are some things that are better left unsaid for others to figure out for themselves, but there are other things that should be told, even if it is embarrassing or may even hurt another person.

I was in the middle of a triangle a long time ago where I did not know that someone was unfaithful to me, and when I found out I was very angry, embarrassed and sad.

Today I am just sad about the entire happening, but even after all these years, it still hurts, and sometimes I still have to talk about it in disbelief; not because I still have feelings for the person, but because of the dishonesty and lack of regard for all the people who suffered due to a mistake in life.

If they had been honest with me and told me what was going on, then I would have taken it better- maybe!

I believe that it was too difficult for the person to tell me. Being unfaithful takes a lot of negative energy. And to bring back some positive moments into a bleak tale is almost impossible but I can think of a few positive moments from the entire experience and this is because of the children and grandchildren I have who speak on their truth.

Sometimes relationships are like spring cleaning. You have to sweep the bad things away

Sometimes relationships are like spring cleaning. You have to sweep the bad things away


Sometimes people just cannot face the truth about themselves. They hide and believe that people will not figure out what they are all about.

Kind Truthfulness

Truthfulness can hurt others so it is with caution that you confront anyone with distressing news about themselves that may insight some anger or pain.
I try my best to be truthful about myself. And I know that maybe I am too truthful at times and will call a spade a spade.
Children are too truthful  too except that they are not always accurate or aware that they may be hurting someone with questions leading to true answers.
I believe that if everyone were truthful about their intentions, many marriages would still end, but at least they would be without the struggle of one person finding out the other is a liar.