When I was young


When I was young I believed that I would always be happy. I thought that if you tried hard throughout your life that things would just turn out right some how. I do not remember believing in fairy tales, but I thought that everyone was supposed to grow up and find that special person to make their life complete.

My doodle of a house

My house with my heart center on top, That is where I was as a child; open to every idea

My house with my heart center on top, That is where I was as a child; open to every idea



I believed that inside of me was an artist first, then a healer, then a person with spirit. And the funny thing is- this is what I still am.

The artist in me pokes out every so often telling me that I have to create so I follow its lead and I create things that make me feel good and in harmony.

And then the healer in me tells me that I have to help people get better. So I go to my blackboard of life and teach on topics of wellness and health.

And when my spirit speaks, it is the loudest of all. It tells me that I have to center my being, and be in touch with my inner soul so that I can heal myself and bring positive energy into my soul and to the spirit of others that I touch.


My picture above may be just a doodle, but it is my heart center covering many a soul who needs me. And when I create, it may not always be a pretty picture, but it will be something that I know I created and can pass along to others who may benefit from my creative tasks!

Paying it Forward

And that is where you stand; right in front of you is your pencil of life telling you to write some things down that are meaningful and someday your words will help another person believe that they can also  pass along goodness and love to others.