Healing Energy

When you want to feel better, visualize some healing, positive energy moving through your body, centering in the areas that you feel you need the most love and caring. And then, help and protect yourself by sending  away all of that negative energy that may be inside of you in anger, pain, or maybe even sadness.

When I think of healing  I always think of blue

When I think of healing I always think of blue

I sometimes have a lot of negative energy inside that I cannot seem to get rid of. It festers in my internal being, and on the outside, most people do not even notice it. I can be my own worse enemy at times because I find it difficult to change that negative energy into something positive, but I am always working on it. They say the first step toward any change in life is to admit you need to change.

Clearing out your head and your house

Sometimes you need to clear out some things, not only in your head, but also in your home to rid yourself of those things that get in your way.

Maybe it is some physical things that are from your past that need to be given away or throw out.

Saving things that bring back bad memories is not a good thing to do. You need room to save the things that are special to you, not bad memories.

This de-cluttering effect can also work on your mind too. Mindful meditating where you move those thoughts that pop up in your head gently though your mind’s eye without giving  them energy or deeper thought; they just pass along  in a good way to bring you peace and harmony.

The wave of mindfulness

Each passing thought  becomes just a thoughts crossing your mind, moving along like a wave in the ocean, riding toward you, and then passing along, one after another.

Slow down and stop the rushing of your waves in life

Be mindful of everything you do, and know that there is always time to do what you need to do; do not rush things in life. If you want meaningful moments, be with the moment that you are in right now, slowly gazing through yourself to a place that has one good moment after another.

Cooking, cleaning, walking, running; find mindful ways in each of these activities, slowing yourself down, breathing and just being still in your mind, body and soul.