Spirit is everywhere. It is in nature, it is inside of you, it surrounds you everyday giving you a warm hug

In the springtime we are awakened by spirit, telling us it is time to move out of hibernation and into living life fully. Spirit is in the fresh smell of the morning dew and the budding green flowers waiting to pop through the ground.

Winter can be a slow time when you just want to stay warm and cozy in your home. And as spring approaches and the days become longer so that you can stay outdoors longer, patterns change.

Be aware that you should begin to eat lighter. You are more active, requiring less of those heavy foods that keep you warm. Be aware that you may be famished. In the early springtime, the hibernating effect from winter past  may cause you to eat more; a time of year when you are so concerned with just getting up and outdoors that you may not concentrate on portions or what you are eating. Begin anew with some fresh fruit in the morning and more green veggies in the afternoon and evenings. Be light on the sodium along with the sugar and meats.

Begin to look at new growth around you and find ways to grow yourself

Begin to look at new growth around you and find ways to grow yourself

Like a beautiful garden, springtime is your time to grow in mind, body and spirit

The perfect time of year to grow yourself is in the springtime. It may be time for a new you in mind, body and spirit. Climbing out of hibernation, seeing the light and taking a new path that is exciting and fun.

You may want to make an overall health plan that includes not only healthy eating and exercise but healthy spiritual growth.

Your spirit needs tending just as other areas of your being need growth. My spiritual life includes teaching others about how to be more in touch with internal bliss; that happy spot deep inside that wants to shout joyfully.

As you age, everything changes and you look at things differently. Even the curve of a tree as it stretches toward a sunny spot seems amazing.

Find the new you that stretches tall  but can bend and still stay flexible.