Becoming More Spiritual: When I learned how to meditate

It felt like forever before I was able to truly meditate

In yoga I taught others the philosophy and stillness of just being with your breath, but when it came to me, I just could not be calm and still enough to benefit from even a moment of stillness, until recently.

Just looking up at trees dancing in the breeze

Just looking up at trees dancing in the breeze

But then it happened, I could not believe it because it was there right in front of me. It was like an awe moment where you say to yourself, why didn’t I get it sooner?

And I truly believe that it came to me, my new ability to be still because I have been practicing so very much.

I want to be able to shut off the clock, just be in the moment, feeling spirit surround me, touching the calmness and stillness of the world.


This is a unique place in the heart for each person, that centering moment where everything is in place and you feel planted into the Earth like a tree.

It is truly worth the struggle of trying to find this place in your heart, and even more profound when you are able to help others discover their uniqueness in spirit.


Like everything else that we learn, meditation takes time to develop the skill. It is that quiet space deep inside where you just are. And when you can find it, it helps your spirit to grow, you become quieter, in touch with yourself and then  you know how there is nothing else but being able to care, love, touch others physically and spiritually.

Your path

Continue on your path of  spiritual development by taking better care of yourself; keeping your body strong and flexible, feeding your body fresh foods, and nourishing yourself with inspirational literature so that your mind can be positive and loving.

Aging and Spiritual Health

Can aging bring you closer to your spirit?

It seems that aging brings you to a place in your heart center where you know that you are an immortal being who needs to find spiritual times.

In youth life is an unending play where you unconsciously go through the motions of living each day without any thoughts of your life path. This imbalance can catch up to you when you begin to figure out that you are not young anymore and the things you thought were important like making money or moving up the corporate ladder are not important at all.

Begin to find your spiritual health, that place where you know that the world is a beautiful place, unfolding as it should, and you are here to be happy, peaceful and in touch with yourself and others.