What do you need to get rid of?

One of the things that many people do throughout their lives is keep things they do not need, want or desire any longer

I need to reflect daily on what I truly need in my life. And when I have less, it is really more

I need to reflect daily on what I truly need in my life. And when I have less, it is really more

And speaking on this topic of getting rid of things, I am also in recovery. I try to rid myself of many things, and they seem to keep coming back to me in different ways. For example, no matter how much I clean out my closets, the next time I look in them there are more things there, and maybe they are different things, but they are there, taking up space in my life, making me feel like I am getting nowhere. And it is not just the clutter, it is other people’s things. Things that I have inherited because someone moved away or died.

Past Memories

Some of us believe that we have to hang on to certain things in order to not forget about the person who gave them to us, especially memories of people who have passed into their spiritual life.

When you begin to clear out the clutter, you feel better, and you may even become organized. There are no piles of papers, or cabinets with too many plastic Tupperware; there is order.

And with order there is calmness, harmony and balance.

I am surrounded by many books, papers, pictures of past memories and just plain junk that I believe is valuable.

Upon reading some spiritual guiding books I have come upon a section related to getting rid of things, not just those physical items, but some of those memories that go along with them, because staying in the present is the place to be.

If you want to get in touch with your spiritual side of life, you need to get rid of things that you are hanging on to, and if you do not, they will get in the way of your growth and development because you cannot take them with you.