Memories drifting like a warm breeze

I feel as if I have a spirit guide that allows me to drift in and out of difficult memories as I meditatively walk each day.

just pots

I try my best to clear my mind of everything and then I see a clear picture of my mom who is a spirit now.

It has been almost six months since her passing and I have many signs from her, and that is why I love to walk in silence.

The birds she loved and talked about sing loudly as I pass. I hiccup once like she did and I know that she is there. She had this peculiar one time hiccup that I remember so well, and she passed it to me recently so that I would think of her.
It is good to have those passing memories of a loved one so dear and close to your heart. They are in the shadows as you walk and think of them, they are in the colorful things that surround you, and they sing their songs loudly so that you can hear their voices.

Those spirit guides who tell you often that you better start to prepare yourself spiritually. Finding some peace in just being in the world and forgetting about your troubles and difficulties because they just do not matter. What matters is being happy, joyful and kind; bringing that kindness to others who need a kind word and a soft touch. Your love for others is all that is left in life to accomplish.

Make your remaining days count as meaningful times for those around you who benefit from you being near.

Count your blessings because they are in abundance in your life.

On Being Remembered

If you want to be remembered when you are gone, you have to learn how to get nourish your spirit now; becoming the person who you always wanted to be. A person who is loving, caring, and nurturing to others. Touching  as many people as you can with your energy, physical touch and emotional warmth.

Leave a  spiritual footprint or legacy  that is your unique sign, telling others you are near.