What is Missing?


Have your Missed Something? 

Was there a new door that you could have taken that you left closed?

You go through life believing that you have everything you want and need, and then all of a sudden you are middle aged thinking that you missed something.

When the landscape meets the sky

When the landscape meets the sky, it all turns into one; Sky land, and water. The complete balance of life.

If it is a relationship, and you think that you have missed the Soul Mate of your life, or the happy ending, should you keep on looking or settle down and believe that the world unfolds as it should.

And if you did have a happy relationship, filled with love and caring, but it still ended with death or divorce, can you find another soul mate to make your life complete?

Society tries to convince you that you need things that you do not, and this is very confusing to our youth. They may strive for things that they think they need or desire things that may not be attained; and that strong desire turns into anger for some like a golden ring hanging above, unreachable but always there.




Do not force things to be the way you want them to be, just breathe slowly, moving with the waves of time

Maybe it is because you think that things are supposed to be a certain way; relationships are supposed to be happy, loving and caring. And if they are not, you should leave them to find that perfect mate? Or do you try to fix what you have; turning a bad relationship into a better one?


Whatever you choose to do, do it with conviction. Do not try a few things and then give up; go for counseling if you think your current relationship  can be saved, and if it cannot, move on with your life but do not candy coat life with unrealistic expectations. The days move on, the present moments are here for you now; be with the present and love where you are.

Begin with yourself in your Spirit

Self-improvement strategies are helpful for your soul, and some improvements such as getting in touch with your inner self can help you to flourish in life. When you are more focused on your goals and present moments, others will want to be around you, learning from your guidance.

You need to help yourself become who you want to be. Forget about others this moment in time and spend  time with yourself, exploring, gathering you thoughts and dreams, writing them down and figuring out where you should be, and what is missing.