Doing Something Totally Different

If you could do something totally different, what would it be? Would you travel to foreign countries and see how others live? Would you change careers and focus on a totally different aspect of your being in mind, body and spirit? Would you stand on a peer, casting your fishing pole into the water, waiting for the big one?

Someday I will travel the world

Someday I will travel the world

How Long does it take you to get restless?

About every 7 years you may find that you get restless with what you are doing. That is why there are sayings about it, including the most famous- the 7 year itch pertaining to when people fall  out of love and may be looking for another relationship.

But there are other aspects of your life that may need to be changed after 7 years.

Reinventing Yourself

There are ways to change slowly. You do not have to completely go off the deep end, quit your job and move to Key West!


Change is so difficult for most of us, therefore,  the best thing may be to take some small steps toward your goal. Put your goal into categories such as the big picture with smaller goals leading up to it. If you want to travel to different places, think smaller and start out right around you. There are so many places to see that may only be a few hours away.

The same goes for relationships. If you are not doing well with your relationship, try something different. Maybe it is an unexpected gift that you give to your partner, or a special dinner. Start out small and move onto bigger difficulties that you may be having.  When a person begins to fee appreciated it is easier to talk about needs and desires.


There is much research that states most people go through at least 5 careers in their lives. If you are still in number one, it may be time to look for greener pastures. Do your research on careers you may be interested in, and maybe try it out. Some agencies take on interns for free. And going back to school may feel foreign to you right now, but it might be a good way to investigate different careers.

I believe the statistics are right. I have had many different careers in my life. I started out going to school for writing, then went for Nursing, deviated toward counseling, teaching and now I am back to writing. And in between, I worked with different age groups including teens, older adults and younger adults. Today I still write and teach yoga!

Now is your chance to make the changes that you want. There is time in your life for more happiness, harmony and living life fulfilled.