Cultivate your Life Through Yoga

When You learn how to regulate your breath, keep your body strong, balanced and flexible you are thankful that you practice yoga

Watch a bird in the springtime,  settled on the ground as if waiting for the warmer weather, or perched high in a tree singing their spring songs.

Even when  we have wild weather in the springtime, it all clears up and the sun shines

Even when we have wild weather in the springtime, it all clears up and the sun shines

You can  learn about internal energies that you can release to help put harmony into your life. And then you will  begin to honor your body through a healthy diet that builds and maintains your health and wellness.

The Stillness of Snow

When you can easily become still, steady and comfortable in your body, mind and soul, that is when you realize that yoga is part of your life, and you are thankful.
When you know that all this preparation in learning how to practice yoga asanas is so that you can learn how to grow deeper in your practice of meditation, you know that yoga has brought your here.



You can practice yoga alone or with others

Practicing alone can give you more time to get in touch with your inner being which can be cultivated through mindful meditating. I find that after I practice alone, taking a mindful walk completes my session. I walk along and see the beauty of nature surrounding me, whether it is a nice day or not, it is still nature at its best.

What you put in is what you get with yoga practicing. Remembering always that you are wherever you are at. You choose how deep you go into a pose, and the great news about yoga is that it can help with pain, and gives you flexibility, balance and stillness. The stillness of the poses and the stillness of your mind can help with stress in your life too.

You breathe in and out with effortless ease and your blood pressure, mood and body all come together, grounding you to the Earth.