Yoga; helping with painful moments

Yoga, a good way to help with pain

Biking helps me with strength,flexibility and balance

Biking helps me with strength,flexibility and balance


Before I retired from a very stressful job, I had some painful shoulders. First my right shoulder had some problems and then my left.

There is reason to believe that shoulder injuries are caused in part from stressful situations. A few years before I retired I had some stressful events happen to me; a divorce, selling my house, living alone, stopping yoga because of injuries, and finding a new me!

I even  had to stop practicing yoga for about 3 years waiting for the shoulders to mend. ( during that time I went for physical therapy and learned many stretching and flexing exercises)


Are you on the mend?  Yoga can help

Now, I am better, and not only able to practice, but I also teach others.

It took a long time to mend my injuries and many of the yoga poses that I used to do were too much of a struggle for me so I decided to study Yin yoga, a deeper slower way.

And while I was on the mend, I did more  stretching exercises and poses; raising my arms overhead and laying on my back and allowing my hands to drop over my head, ( for a very long time I was unable to drop my hands stretched out over my head, my MD told me it was frozen shoulder). But  just lying there without pushing my arms, allowing for time to heal the wounds, they finally did heal.

Today, I still have some injuries that I work with in my practice, especially my hips which are much better thanks to pigeon pose!

For the pain, I do some strengthening work with light weights and also ride a bike and fast walk in the good weather.

Whatever your injuries, a variety of alternative modalities can help. Other forms of pain relief include learning about acupressure points, tapping on your body and self massage of your ears, hands and feet. ( also a form of acupressure points).

Variety is the spice of life; trying some different modalities can help with your mind, body and soul.