Strengthening Yourself Through Yoga

There is many studies on the healthy affects of yoga, especially related to bone health.


Trees with many roots stay strong

Trees with many roots stay strong

There is evidence that you can make your bones stronger at any age. So if you are struggling with the pain of arthritis or know that you have osteoporosis, you need to practice yoga.

Strengthen your bones, feel more balanced, flexible and stronger
Yoga not only can strengthen your bones, it can also help you to feel more flexible, balanced and stronger in general.


You will feel so much better that you will begin to do other types of exercise such as fast walking because you have changed your body.
Studies have shown improved functioning in many areas of the body, especially the hips, shoulders and knees.

These areas of the body can be focused on in an hour yoga session. Linda Sparrowe and Patricia Walden focus on yoga sequences to help with healthy bones in their Book- Yoga for Healthy Bones. Some good suggestions for yoga asanas to strengthen the bones include: Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Triangle, Downward facing dog, upward facing dog,  wide angled forward bend, legs up the wall, Child’s pose, intense side stretches, and bridge pose. Many people have reversed bone loss through taking up yoga! It does not seem to matter when you start–just begin, and you will reap the benefits of stronger bones and a more flexible you.

Health Limitations

And the good news is that you can modify many of the poses using blocks, straps and bolsters. All you need is a good instructor to help you learn. And remember that you are where you are at, there is no competition in yoga; everyone is unique in their abilities.

Posture and your overall health and wellness: Standing straight and strong

There is a belief that poor posture can lead toward weakness in the bones. Yoga helps people to stand straight, shoulders back; including balancing on one foot which not only strengthens the legs but also helps prevent falls.

The Body-Mind Connection

Yoga can also help with stress and learning how to relax. Yoga is all about your mind, body and soul. You are still in the poses, you are with your breath and you stand strong and flexible.

And through learning about mindfulness meditation, you become one with your mind, body and soul.

Ideas on different yoga poses to strengthen the bones from: Sparrowe,L. & Walden, P. (2004) Yoga For Healthy Bones. Shambhala Publishing, Boston, MA.