Your Flow Times

If you have creative things to do in your life you will become more positive

This is what spring is all about. The bright blooming flowers, captured in this photo

Just looking at Pink can energize! This is what spring is all about. The bright blooming flowers, captured in this photo



Some may say creating is just a distraction but  isn’t that  a good thing? Getting lost in the flow of things is what living life meaningfully is all about.

Don’t you just love it when the time passes by so quickly because you were lost in something?

That is where you want to be- Lost  in the Zone!



Wasted time watching television or just sitting doing nothing is not good for you, and can cause depression, weight gain along with diseases such as diabetes and heart disease from the weight gain and inactivity.

You need distraction with fun times and a finished product in some cases.

With art, there is always a finished product, and you do not have to be a artist to create. Creativity comes in all avenues. It is the artist who paints, it is the decorator who chooses colors or arranges flower, it is the crafter who makes jewelry or the woodworker who makes furniture. Other creative venues can be developed with an apprenticeship.

And do not forget the truly creative people who know how to make money. This is also a creative technique that others spend their entire lives flowing toward. And some make it in their creativity, and some fail. And failure is not such a bad thing. You need to fail at things before you get it right!

The Flow Continues

There are  many other flow things to do like getting lost in your daily run or jog down the street; in the meditative zone, not thinking about anything or just gazing at nature.

The most creative people are those who are persistent with their craft. There is nothing like a finished product, whether it is a garden outdoors that you are tending to, or a blanket that you just completed crocheting for a friend. These awe moments can put a smile on your face, lowering your blood pressure, creating energy in your body to motivate you to do more creative tasks.