How is Your Relationship With Yourself?

When you think about yourself and your present circumstances, how do you think you are doing?

Is your path a long one that needs work?

Is your path a long one that needs work?

Before you can be helpful to others, you need to work on you.

And working on you means attending to your mind, body and soul in healing ways such as taking care of your physical body with the proper diet and exercise, taking care of your mental and emotional  selves with some stress-less times and relaxation, and taking care of your spirit with some nourishing walks and meditation or prayer.

I find that when one of my selves is not working well, the others also have some challenges.


Weathering the Storm of Life

It has been difficult to weather the storms in New York this winter, and even though Spring is here, it is not really here. With the snow and record low temperatures, it is hard to get yourself motivated to move, make some changes and feel good inside, but you need to do it.

Get Going

If you do not get some exercise, not just your mood, but your physical self will start to show its wear by putting on a few pounds just to make you feel bad!

And then it rolls down into your emotional being where you might be short with people and angry because you are not where you want to be.

Checking on You

1.Begin to check on yourself by writing things down. Write down what you are eating all day long. You may want to lose some weight, but your calorie count is too high and you are not getting enough exercise to wear off the calories. This dilemma is common with people because they do not realize how much they are really eating until they start to record.

2. Record your exercise too. Do not say- I took a walk yesterday. You need to do something every single day of your life. It does not have to be strenuous every day, but do something and write it down.

3. Find a friend who is in the same boat as you. Exercising with a buddy is great because you become accountable to each other. And share your journals with each other for more accountability.

4. Do not give up. I never give up on myself and even if I do not succeed at first, I just keep on trying.