She Stood Strong, no matter what

Some are stronger than others

She was always strong, no matter what the circumstances in life. You could see it in her large brown eyes, the eyes of a person who had been through many difficulties in life, but was able to manage beyond most.

Why was she so weathered by life? It was years of staying in a bad relationship when she deserved more.

She loved being near water. She said it helped her to feel calm and centered

She loved being near water. She said it helped her to feel calm and centered

She was a slight person, and you would think that a strong wind could take  her off her feet but nothing ever knocked her down.

She stood standing, leaving behind the image of her life, surrounded by people who had wished they had her stamina, and wishing she was still here to give them comfort.





Like dominos many of her family members were long gone, but she remained longer than anyone had imagined. She wanted to stay as long as she could because others needed her to be around, guiding them and helping them with whatever was needed.
She never complained about anything in life; realizing that it would not change anything that had happened to her if she  had spoken up. And she did not hate those who had done her wrong; she just let it be.

She had more losses than most have had, but never spoke on any of them, even with her last breath. At the end, she was still asking for others to come to her side so that she could say good-bye.


She  asked them  one by one, where they had been, and why she had not seen them in such a long time.

I was told that she was still in there somewhere, wanting to come out and tell her story.

Sometimes she acted as if she did not understand, or had forgotten everything. But I knew she was still there hiding behind her strength.

Strong people seem to have such reserve; they can go on without a tear during the most tragic of times; when others had broken down long before.

She is still with me inside my soul; asking me to talk about her life, but telling me to tread gently. She is in the wind, softly touching my cheeks as I walk in silence.