Stillness and Movement

Find your tree and stand strong and flexible

Find your tree and stand strong and flexible

Stand strong like a great tree in yoga asanas but also move slightly like a waving breeze has caught you, bringing wellness to your mind, body and soul.

To Center Yourself, You need Stillness and Movement
Both stillness ( which can also mean meditation) in poses can be meditative. When you learn about yoga, you learn to stay still and strong.
Both the movement and the stillness are important to your practice.

Yoga movements like other types of exercise can generate energy in your body, creating a healthier you because everything is circulating through your entire body.

And the silence and stillness that you will find in many yoga asanas, especially the ones you do on the floor can be so very relaxing that it is soothing, decreasing your blood pressure, helping to center your body, and afterwards, you feel in harmony with your many selves.

The Relaxation Response

The yoga asanas that seem to help with  the relaxation response includes child’s pose and melting heart. Other poses that offer a unique kind of stretching are  dragon poses and pigeon pose. Both can help stretch the hip and groin area which are important to your body, especially as you age. As aging takes place, there is much tightening of many areas of the body, and using yoga poses to strengthen and flex those joints can become a form of prevention. You need to start thinking about your flexibility and balance as you age.

Balancing your Body

With balance, there are many yoga asanas that can help, especially dancer, warrior 3 and many other poses where you stand on one foot such as tree and Eagle. Your balance is very important to healthy aging. Just stand on one foot and then the other for a moment and see if you are balanced more on one side than the other. Practice daily balancing poses to increase your abilities in bringing yourself in to your center.

Acupressure and Tapping

Tapping on the body in acupressure point areas can help open up the energy in your body. Pressure points can also help with the relaxation response; ridding yourself of any headache pain by just tapping on your temples. Pressing the area just underneath your nose can help with any gastric distress. ( find more on