Maintaining Your Weight: Staying in the Center

Where is your center?

Birds together finding ways to their center

Birds together finding ways to their center

My center  is clear, and I have a friend, Christine who would agree. She believes in this theory on maintaining your weight where your center is your bliss!

To the right are your good choices

To the right are the foods and exercises that you need to do. To the left are  the sweet indulgences that you may want all the time.

And staying in the center with some tiny bits of sweetness is a good goal.



Remember that there are many other things to do besides thinking about your life in the sweet lane

Exercise is a great distraction for those hungry days, and if you crave too many sweets it is probably a good idea to put more protein in your diet.

More grains such as quinoa, millet or barley can help you feel full because they are full of protein and fiber. Begin to learn how to cook grains; like the grain rice, the others cook the same way; equal parts of water and grains.

And the  fiber in the grains  keeps you full, so having a lot of fibrous foods is what to do to keep those hungry times away. Other powerful fibrous foods are veggies and fruits. When you are hungry between meals, have a healthy vegetable or fruit snack.

The Center  Can Bring You Harmony

Make today your first day toward a healthier you. Go shopping and pick up some healthy grains. Try different ones; amaranth and even legumes such as split peas and lentils are packed with protein.

If you begin to eat healthier foods, you will begin to crave the sweets less and less; bringing you into your center where you feel balanced and healthy.