Perfect Timing


Believing in yourself and your dreams

They are in our imagination and dreams, helping others to see clearly

They are in our imagination and dreams, helping others to see clearly

Is there a perfect time to do anything?

Or do you purposefully put off things until the right time?
I believe that you may  have to work on a step-by-step way toward any goals that you may be putting off until tomorrow.

In Your Dreams
So many people live with dreams in their hearts that are not accomplished because they are waiting for the perfect time.
Forget about perfection and begin to plunge along into the items on your list of things you are passionate about.


Completing your Education
If it is finishing your education, take just one course on a topic you are truly interested in, and with  that momentum you will move toward the next class, getting closer to your goal.

Weight Reduction and Maintenance: One of the most difficult accomplishments for many people
If it is about your weight. I know that this is a difficult goal, but take some baby steps toward where you want to be. Start eliminating those trigger foods that you have around in the house that ruin your efforts at a healthy day.
This one step can get you on the road toward wellness.
Be a conscious shopper. Do not go to the grocery store hungry. Do not buy foods that you know you have no control over such as even one donut!

Exercise Helps with Your Mind, Body and Soul
Be an avid exerciser. Do not say you will wait until it is warmer outside. Do go out there, and bundle up.
Do not say you will do some exercise 3 days a week. Do something everyday.

Exercise can be your distraction from food. Exercise can also lift your mood. Exercise is one of the most important aspects of your goal toward wellness and continual health throughout your life.

Get out there and stop procrastinating — there really is no perfect time to begin, so begin now.