Aging and Artistic Flair: The art of Doodling

Is there something missing in your life? Perhaps it is doodle time!

Flower patterns

Flower patterns

Today,  I was writing about patterns of behavior and I began to think about how much I liked to doodle, and how most of my work is a form of a pattern that goes on and on.

And this doodle thing  popped up in my head as I took an early walk. A doodle is a form of a pattern that you do over and over again.

You can change its pattern, but somehow it comes back to you as almost the same thing.

That is how difficult changing is in general.

Somehow you have to prove to yourself that you can make the changes that you need to make. But  changing your patterns or bad habits, and keeping the good ones can be a life long event.
They say as you age  things are different in life. And you look at life from a different perspective, one that ends!

And they say you are supposed to slow down,  forget things, and begin to act all grown up!
Well, you do not have to ever grow up, you can Peter Pan your way through life with a smile, a hearty laugh and find pleasure in your doodle time.

And remember that doodles can be more than artistic ways, they can be the good things that you do such as exercise, movement, dance, things that form a wonderful pattern in your life’s path.

A Child’s View

Take care of yourself by finding a new way of looking at life through the eyes of your childhood; remembering how important it was to just get outside and run around, looking at the sky with wonder, and telling yourself that you can get to the moon with your homemade spaceship, and laughing and giggling with your friends so loudly that your mom tells you to quiet down.