Your Patterns

You flow through life following your usual patterns; the ones that stick to you with effortless ease.

So why don’t you deviate from your path ?

Is it out of fear, or any discomfort you may feel when you make changes?

Peaceful existence motivates me. I want to feel the flow in my body, mind, and spirit

Peaceful existence motivates me. I want to feel the flow in my body, mind, and spirit

When do you become enlightened and know that your existence is not forever?

For me that is now; I continue from this moment on to the next finding everything in life full of hope, love and peace.

My momentum to keep on is my continuing passion to help others see the beauty as I do in living life to its fullest.

Helping others find that you can deviate from your patterns in life, starting a new adventure that may feel challenging at first but becomes a new pattern or even a new habit that is good for you.


Patterns are everywhere

I remember as a child, learning about patterns in existence. In art class, the teacher would talk about patterns in drawing and painting. And I learned how to doodle in patterns that felt good and peaceful. Drawing the same doodle over and over again until it covered my entire notebook.

My doodle of patterns in my life.

My doodle with colorful patterns

Other patterns of existence are everywhere you look. Look at yourself and see your pattern every day; getting up, brushing your teeth, having your coffee, making breakfast. These routines need some breakage of patterns for you to stop the automatic button in your mind, body and soul.

So where should you go from here. My break of pattern today will be with an new exercise, done very early in the morning for me. A longer than usual walk with greater speed than I usually do. Then I will go back to my pattern of the day, moving to my next routine, but always aware that I should deviate instead of staying on auto pilot.

Every day, break away from your old ways and develop a new way of looking at something, or  eat a new food your never tried, or even introduce yourself to someone you never met before, just to change something in yourself that you have been putting off.

Momentum to Break away

Do you need some momentum to motivate you; a spark , a single candle flame to light your way toward making changes that are positive?

Can you gain some ideas from those people that you can put into your own life plan? Take a look around you and see what others are doing that you would love to do.

All of a sudden your usual life pattern cracks like a giant puzzle, revealing different and pleasurable moments that you thought you would never have.