Dance and Feel the Flow inside

Trees dancing with the flow of nature

Trees dancing with the flow of nature


There are many moving ways that can help you to center and balance yourself, but  there is nothing like dancing. With a slight breeze, trees dance to the movement of nature.

And if you  dance to your own drummer, it is even better for you.

Flowing to the music and finding ways to be inside yourself, keeping the moment yours can help with your mind, body and soul.


The Freedom Dance

This internal freedom can be developed on your own, or with others. Dance is also being integrated into other modalities such as dance-yoga flow.

A known stress reducer, dancing is in every culture; dancing with music, dancing with drums, dancing alone or with others. It does not seem to matter because no matter what the dance, it brings on smiles and harmony to everyone who practices.

The Musical Flow of Dance

Dance creates energy in your body like other movements. But its special power, when coupled with music embraces the soul. Different types of music bring about different types of dance flow.

And if you dance with others you can  inspire them to be more involved in the flow of things, creating energy and love to circle around, landing on everyone, sparking humor, love and harmony.

Every time I dance I feel a spark of energy passing through my entire body; allowing my body to loosen up and feel free and happy. A happy body does not hurt or slouch, it is strong, straight and flexible like the branches of a tree.


There is much study done with dance and its power to calm and center our being. The harmony from dance and music can help children who have difficulties with concentrating and stress.

For any age, dance, music, movement and calmness come together to support wellness and mind, body and spirit.