Leaving Things Behind

Healing takes many forms and as you age you may need to leave some things behind. You may experience this struggle in others as they leave your life either by death or moving away.

” When he started to tear down the yellow wallpaper and I realized that I would never see it again, I wanted to cry but I held back the tears and turned it into anger.” Later, I realized that yellow reflections are everywhere, they are in the beauty of nature where you can look at colors and reflections of glass-like waters.

I captured a new yellow reflection to add to my view

I captured a new yellow reflection to add to my view

But when my dad left a few months ago, I knew it would be forever and that the only way I would see him before he or I passed was to visit him, miles and miles away.

He left me with some of his possession, perhaps too many reminders, but I keep them  all and now I am struggling with moving on and releasing some of the clutter I have developed in my life.

When you hold onto things too long, it gets harder and harder to release from them.

It can even become a illness in mind and spirit when you cannot let go. Before this happens to you, do not hang on too long to material things.

Find your inner balance with non-material things. Things that are meaningful, help you to feel better and harmonize your life.