On The Road to Healing

Trying your entire life to get over a bad relationship?

When I look at the reflection of my life, I see beauty and harmony

When I look at the reflection of my life, I see beauty and harmony. The struggles are a distant memory that I focus less on now that I am on a healing path.

How about getting over a career that went belly up after years of struggles?

Or a friendship that turned into a nightmare because of an argument?

Whatever your difficulties in life, make your next step a healing one.

Time Keeps Marching On

The first step is to give up the struggle.

Give up the bad and move onto only good times.  And you can do this by beginning to focus on the positive instead of the bad moments. Begin to catch yourself being negative, and stop whatever you are doing or saying; correcting the moment to a more pleasant one.


Holding on to things can cause illness

Holding grudges and feeling angry about things that have happened to you is a waste of precious time, and the clock keeps on ticking.

Do you think you are going to live forever? Well you are not, so it is time to live; pain free and happy.

Time to put that bad relationship to the side and move on. Time to say, ” Yes, I want to do things that I like to do. Things that I have a passion for in my life.”

Be where you want to be right now

Since my retirement I am doing exactly what I want to do.

Trying my best to only do things I enjoy, and when I stop enjoying them, I start something else I am passionate about.

Is that what retirement is supposed to be all about?  I think it is.
Easier said than done if you have to work in a boring job just for the money. But  you can get out of it by educating yourself in a different direction; it can be accomplished with some hard work and creative thinking.

What is on your list?

My list has photography, yoga, writing, volunteering, and today, right now, I am thinking about some other things to do; adding to my list daily. Some might call it a bucket list, but I call it my passion list!

 Stop Gazing at the Past

And for bad relationships; I have finally finished with that. I no longer have bad feelings and thoughts about past things that happened to me that I wanted to change.

It took me over 10 years to accomplish the bad reminiscing and I am almost there.

And it feels better now that I am past the hump and moved toward forgiveness, and that includes forgiving myself for struggling so very long with things I should have put to the side years ago.

A Relationship with Spirit

I have developed a good relationship with my internal spirit, especially related to helping others get in touch with themselves in a deeper, more meaningful way.

My goal around Spirit is to bring it to others through my teachings. When  I teach yoga, I have an audience of liked minds who already know what is good for them. They want to learn how not to struggle with life so much. And yoga can help with that because it brings your toward stillness and harmony in your mind, body and soul.