Less Struggling, More Peace

Find your way through your life path with less struggling and more peace

As you age, become closer to the truth about yourself and where we are in life’s path.  Begin to see that life is like a clock, ticking on wherever you are.

Personal Awe Moments

I have had more awe moments in the last few years, more than in my entire life. Maybe I was not looking because I was so busy doing things in life that I thought were important.

For over 50 years I was busy trying to make a living or trying to force things into place that did not fit, and this made the struggling much more difficult than it had to be.

Now I see the sunrises and sunsets. And now I find time to tell others how much beauty can be missed if you are not looking.


The next time you struggle, you may want to think about whether you are putting a round peg into a square hole; forcing things into place that do not belong.

At your dusk of life, make it meaningful and enlightened

At your dusk of life, make it meaningful and enlightened

Wouldn’t you rather be on a path of beauty, peace and love?

The path that has all the daisies and good memories about your life.

The path that says, ” I am here only for a short time, therefore I will live life to its fullest, building memories that put a smile on my face and the faces of people I meet and greet in a loving way.”

The light may be growing dimmer, and you may not even know it. Time moves on whether you are ready or not. Do not have regrets about yourself, start to create more meaningful times.


Path of Enlightenment

Finding my way has been a purposeful activity that I have been pursuing for the last 10 years. Finally seeing what I missed, and trying to catch up to where I want to be in my mind, body and soul. And during this time, I have had many losses that I have just walked past and left alone, trying to put them in my past instead of embracing them.

Finding you own way

You can  stop your mind clutter and see clearly where your path is, and where it should be taking you.

You can start with helping someone else find their way. And when you help others, your path becomes even clearer.