Healing Energy

Life is not black and white. There are subtle things that happen bringing both painful and loving living

Life is not black and white. There are subtle things that happen bringing both painful and loving times. See past the shadows to the colorful things in life.

Can you really heal yourself?

I believe you can help yourself and others  feel better in mind, body and soul with a positive attitude and loving ways.

Self-love and  finding  meaningful and helpful  things to do with your life can also help with personal internal healing.

I want my fire of energy to burn slowly, casting its warmth on everyone I meet before I pass.



Helping Others To Find Their Personal Energizing Ways
You can help others to heal and find their  own personal energy in life.

When you are kind, kindness comes to you. It is a paying it forward way that moves from person to person, and into the Universe for everyone to share.

Just a pat on someone’s back or a warm embrace can bring about healing energy.

Love in your heart

And the most important  factor of all is love.

Love can heal everything in life.

If you surround yourself with loving people, and you are a loving person, healing will come to you.

For some, it may be in different forms of energy that we receive from our inner soul.

For others it may be very clear energizing healing that can be felt throughout the body in different feelings such as a burst of energy, pleasant tingling or an instant feeling of wellness.

Eastern and Western Philosophy on Healing

Eastern philosophy brings into account a form of acupressure called Tapping.

By tapping on pressure points throughout your body, you can release the energy that may be stuck. Energy can get stuck in the body by poor habits such as inactivity, unhealthy eating patterns or stressful times.

Western doctors also tap on you while they are listening to your body.

And self-touch such as rubbing your feet, hands and ears are also considered healing ways. Take some tips from the East and West philosophy and find your own unique healing and energizing ways.

Subtle Healing Ways

Those subtle things in life like having a meal together with family; discussing past experiences, giving warm embraces and touching each other with spirit can bring about healing.

The love you have for one another can be passed with just a thought.

Thinking warm thoughts about  a loved one can bring about healing. Try sending some healing energy to someone far away that you love, and check with them  to see if  they received it!