The Spirit of Yoga

Yoga has many branches and roots in its history. Find out where you fit in to the spiritual asanas

Yoga has many branches and roots in its history. Find out where you fit in to the spiritual asanas

How Does Yoga Help You?

If you read literature on the topic of yoga, you will find that yoga means Unite. And it gathers the mind, body and spirit into a stillness that helps with centering and harmonizing yourself.

Quiet and Peace

You become quiet; listening only to your breath.  And you will  call upon this breath in times of peace and times of disharmony. Yoga helps with your mind, body and spirit; helping you to unite all of your  many selves. 


Your Practice is Unique

Yoga is your own unique practice. You are “wherever you are” in you practice of healing ways.

You do not have to be “good” at asanas! You will be able to go deeper into poses with practice and patience.

You begin wherever you need to be, and when you practice daily, your beginnings become more and more effortless.

But do not struggle to get to the point of effortless ease, it will come with practice and silent moments where you find your inner soul.

In Yoga There Is No Competition

You just need  to be wherever you are.

Do not strain yourself trying to get into the yoga pose perfectly.

Find your pose. The one that is comfortable to you.
Find your spirit. The spirit inside of you that wants to find your inner self in yoga asanas.

The Breath

And do not forget about your practice with your breath. Breathing in…. Breathing out…. during your poses and during meditation is essential to reap the full benefit of slowing down your mind, body and soul. You become one within yourself, and you are more peaceful and centered when you practice slow breaths that slow down all of your being.

Breathe in slowly for the count of 5 and breathe out slowly for the count of 7. Breathe in, through your nose, all the way down to your lungs, and breathe out, through your mouth, making a loud  ah sound to get all the air out.