Dreams Worth Sharing With Others



Dreams are like memories. They come and go like the rising and setting of the sun

With the rise and fall of the sun, cherish each moment in time

With the rise and fall of the sun, cherish each moment in time


  Sunny and Cloudy Days

 Every single night since my mom passed, I dream of her.
It seems to be helping with healing to see her face every night. I look forward to going to bed, knowing that she will be there. And I know that I will have to begin the healing process of acceptance, but I am not there yet.



Sometimes life is broken and needs mending

Sometimes life is broken and needs mending

If  you have had a recent loss, find some healing ways that add comfort to your life. It might be writing daily to help you sort out the memories, or it could be  talking with some friends or family members who may be going through the same moments that you are having.




Treasure Your Moments in Time

Moments are here in the present, and they can shine as brightly as you would love them too.

Remember that you are here on this Earth for only a short time. And just like the rising of the sun, and its  sunset, you can shine brightly for  only a moment, lingering for a few more, and then the beauty is gone. So be there for your moments, and cherish each one.

One Positive Moment After Another

Though life is full of ups and downs, keep on the up side of life with a positive attitude as much as possible. And remember that the world is a beautiful place to be, even with the confusion of death, heartache of relationships, and things that just seem to happen for no reason; there is love, peace and kindness to be treasured.

Lift Your Spirit

Lift yourself high above the Earth to see down upon everything and bask in the warmness of a sunny day, giving others a soft smile and loving gaze.

Find peace in helping others with their difficulties; teaching  people how to lift up their soul and just be in harmony and balance for the moment.

Learn how to breathe, taking a deep breath all the way down to your lungs, holding it for a second and then breathing out loudly through your mouth with an Ahh noise.

Breathing in harmony and breathing out discontentment.