Loving, Healing Ways

Loving Ways

At the water's edge with a blue sky and a smile

At the water’s edge with a blue sky and a smile

I would like to believe that I have loving ways toward myself and others. And when I need some healthy, healing ways, I visualize beauty.

Beauty is everywhere, especially in nature. Picture beautiful  waves flowing softly across your body, touching you.

Plan time to look at pictures that are beautiful to you, and go to places that help you to feel calm, focused and in touch with yourself.


Find places in your heart where you can just be soft and quiet.

Find others to share your visions with.



Aging and Peace

As you age, you will need spirit time to keep yourself quiet and planted.

Your harmony and balance come from your inner soul.

Distractions and stressful situations need to be minimized. You will  begin to see that you need more quiet time and peace than you used to need when you were younger.

And if you do not get those peaceful times, wellness does not come easily.

You are now like a delicate flower that needs much tending to flourish. Finding ways to keep yourself nourished in mind, body and soul needs to be your priority.

The flow of water reflecting the sparkle of nature

The flow of water reflecting the sparkle of nature

Time and Healing

In order to heal from anything in your life, you first have to give yourself time.
Time helps, but  internal pain and discomfort may still linger from many of the past traumas in your life that are unsettled.

Try your best to come to a peaceful, loving way with your past; keeping it there where it belongs and living in the moment.


Have more and more moments of love and healing, and less and less time with any discontent that lingers from your past.

Find ways to protect yourself from stressful times with special moments of peace that you schedule each day. Take those 20 minutes to just be; resting mind, body and soul.