Aging and Balancing Losses

During the sunset time of your life, be happy to rise and shine, and also lower and settle down.

During the sunset time of your life, be happy to rise and shine,  but also settle down.

Balancing Acts

Unlike humans, the sun has its own balance, rising and setting each day on time with its wonderful colors on the horizon. It may sometimes be clouded on the horizon, but when it is a clear day, a sunrise and sunset can be amazing to watch.




Is your life like a balancing act filled with ups and downs?

Maybe it is time to get on a wholesome schedule that allows  your mind, body and soul to settle down, including your ability to bounce back from  losses in life.

Grieving seems to  happens more often, and takes more time to heal as you age.

And just  when you begin to feel whole again, more losses seem to occur in your life.

And that grief can  include not only loss of life, but it can be the loss of a job, divorce, or  your ability to do the things you used to do.

Losing Things Dear to You

The first thing I think about when my abilities start to simmer down is my ability to drive a car.  So many people as they age have to give this up, some voluntarily and some with some family or accident pressure.

And this type of loss can lead to the loss of independence,  leading  to depression and sadness.

How Do You Begin To Deal With Declining Function?

There is reason to believe that you can adjust as you age, if you plan well. You can begin an action plan around the skills that may be declining. I already have decreased the amount of driving I do, and plan things during the day to avoid night time driving. A step further would be to find out about agencies that provide public transportation such as senior services through your local town.

Death and Loss

Death can be the most difficult form of loss and  you need to talk about it.

Share your thoughts with friends and relatives about your feelings related to a recent death. Learn how grief can affect you in different ways such as causing you to feel angry, sad, confused and unaccepting.

Be there for someone else who is experiencing loss to help them with moving toward acceptance.