Life is Not Fair, it just is

Upon thinking on death, and other losses, I immediately think about fairness

Not everyone gets to live a long life. And for some, it may be with pain and discomfort.

But on a good note, many people live to a ripe age, loving each moment of their life, regardless of conditions that aging may have brought on.

Those loving, smiling people seem to be the happiest because what else is there in life besides happiness?

Life is just the way it is, so accept it

When losses happen, you may go through many steps before you come to acceptance, but eventually you need to be at peace in order to heal in mind, body and spirit.

Non-belief and depression may set into your soul if you do not accept things  as they are.

Support of your friends and family can help  along with your own  internal power and energy.

Getting through the day may be moment to moment, and that is good, because you only need to think about the present when you are sad.

Reaching Acceptance and gratitude

Plants don't ask to grow, they just do, if tended to.

Plants don’t ask to grow, they just do, if tended to. When we need to grow, we look toward our inner soul to plant ideas, happiness and love.

Acceptance can bring abundance into your life because when you accept the way things are, you become  joyful and loving to yourself and others.
You know that life is for sharing the good and the bad.

You are grateful that you are here  to comfort and care for others. And when we do this, abundance is what we get. We become prosperous in many ways.
Prosperity is for everyone who chooses the path toward acceptance.