Angel Help, In Grief and Sorrow

My mom’s name was Angeline, and now that she is a spirit, many people will be blessed by her presence in times of need. You can find her everywhere; in the trees, in the sky, in your mind, and surrounding your physical body because she loves to give hugs.

When you walk along your path, clear your mind and feel the presence of spirit.

When you walk along your path, clear your mind and feel the presence of spirit.

She was a strong person during her life; always there to lend a hand and more when you needed help or just a kind word. She  listened, not giving you her opinion, but listening to your words. Most people just talk to each other, passing words back and forth without a care; not listening to anyone but themselves.

Listening is a skill worth learning. Really listen to the next person you talk to, and feel the difference. Forget about yourself for the moment, and concern yourself with the person in front of you. And when you listen to yourself, do it quietly, taking time to feel your inner soul.

Losses and Sorrow

It was a great loss when Angel left us. When she was young, she kept the family together, no matter what was going on. She would make sure that we got together at least once a week, usually on a Sunday afternoon.

She would prepare a meal for her family with specialties from her past such as artichokes along with fennel as a raw appetizer. I still prepare these for my family to enjoy; a family tradition that we spend time reminiscing on.  It is good to go back in your life to a time when you can enjoy the moment; smelling the tomato sauce with garlic and basil while you sat at your family table, pulling the ends off of raw green beans with your fingertips.

Nature For Painful Times

I find that the best way to find peace in sorrowful times is through walking and thinking.

And in the wintertime I never  get cabin fever because I  walk everyday, fending some of the worse weather just to clear my mind of the clutter of  painful times.

If you have a clutter of unresolved sorrow, walking may be a good addition to your healthy ways.

And walking alone is the best way to get in touch with your internal being because you need not speak a word.

Be Silent, just for a moment in time

Silence can also be a very good tool for healing life’s difficulties. Not speaking for an entire day is like a cleansing. It gets rid of many things in your head that may be stopping you from moving forward in your life.

Angel Grief

The reason I am speaking on Angel’s sorrow is that she did not deal with grief very well, and when others spoke on death, she would change the subject to a more pleasant one. Angel said, ” I feel that we all deal with death and sorrow differently. I have to be alone in my sorrow.”

If you are going through some troubled times right now, reading about others’ experiences with grief may help you.

Even very strong people have their difficulties in life, and if you are feeling that you should be over something right now and you are not,  it is just not your time yet.

Grief is special to everyone. Some of us do not feel the intense sorrow when loss first happens, but months later, it intensifies and peaks. Some of us cry, some of us do not. Some find peace just being  in the company of their friends and family.

And grief is not always about death. You can have a grief reaction with divorce, the loss of a job, the loss of  your home, or anything that is special to you.


Heal in your own special way. Take your time. Do not rush through the difficulties in your life. You need time to think about life, the living, and the people who are no longer here.



Toward the end of winter, when the water is still in the stream is Angel time.

Toward the end of winter, when the water is still in the stream is Angel time.