Stay Young Through Your Yoga Practice

Even in the frozen winter, trees stand still and strong. They are flexible, bending with time, and stretching to the sky

Even in the frozen winter, trees stand still and strong. They are flexible, bending with time, and stretching to the sky


For your continuing health and wellness as you age, you should try yoga!

There is growing evidence on the benefits of Yoga and Meditation as a way to keep you young and healthy.

The obvious flexible moves and the constant in touch with your breath are two important ways to see and feel the benefits of this wonderful flow.

Yoga can become a new way for you to get in touch with your inner self, so that you can be focused and balanced.

The balance is not just a physical one, but an emotional and spiritual balance that is developed through yoga practice. Suddenly, you have less anxiety and you are able to stay focused. Suddenly, you are more loving and filled with joy.

The Union of your Mind, body and Soul

Yoga means Union. Union of the mind, body and spirit; and when you practice daily, you become able to find that place, deep down inside of your heart, where you are harmonious. Only then will you are able to be still and calm.

Not only still in your body because you are standing strong in a pose, but stillness comes to your mind and soul. You begin to slow down everything, and find a place to just be. Your breath becomes strong, deep and quiet. Your moments flow gracefully and peaceful.

The evidence is strong on how, if practiced, yoga can help with your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being starting from its ability to lower your blood pressure, help with breathing, and decrease anxiety. And many people have decreased or eliminated  their medications because of yoga practice.

 Beginning a yoga practice

I have practiced yoga for many years and tonight, we were sharing in yoga class how to find center so that you can relax and sleep at night. What you may need to do is practice something intensely still each day, so that you can quiet yourself in the evening. Begin by choosing a pose that you love such as child’s pose, and stay with it for more than a few moments. Staying in a pose for about 5 minutes may be your first goal.

There is much research on the yoga and how it can reverse aging. Many authors, including Deepak Chopra ( my favorite) believe that yoga and other modalities such as acupressure can really help not only with flexibility and strength, but also with aging, sleep and internal bliss.

Is aging creeping into your life?

If you are beginning to feel  creaking knees or pain in  your hips; much of this can be relieved by yoga. If you are having balance issues or feel stiff and out of sorts, yoga can help with this too.

Your Sleeping

Just when you finally do not have to rise early in the morning, you do! As we age, we require less sleep, so do not struggle so much with rising early.
Many people, as aging creeps in, find sleep a difficulty. Trying new pillows, better mattresses and warmer or cooler rooms, may help some, but is it your lack of balance in your life the reason that you cannot sleep? Or do you need some restful ways of slowing down before sleep?

Meditation can help you to balance yourself so that you are calmer and able to rest more peacefully. Practicing it twice a day on rising and in the evening before bed can help with sleeping difficulties along with some aroma therapy using lavender!