Tended Roses

Can your relationship stand strong in good and troubled times?

Can your relationship stand strong in good and troubled times?


The beauty of a rose

Did you ever notice how beautiful roses are when they first bloom.?

You have to watch out for the thorns but their beauty is amazing. Thorns are there for a reason, to let you know that even in beauty there is pain.

Tending to Roses
When you tend to them outdoors, you really need to pluck out the dead buds to allow for new growth and more roses. The more you tend to them, the more roses you get.
But just like relationships, roses are tender flowers that wither and turn black on the edges, and when it is too late to tend, you may prick yourself with the thorns.


Recapturing the Moments that are beautiful
You may try hard to recapture what you had before, but when it is too late, you may just have to stop and take a look at some of the things you will do differently the next time the love of roses comes into your life.

Everything is new when you first fall in love.

You may miss some of the flaws as you do with a perfect rose, because as beautiful as roses are, they have major flaws such as thorns.

And relationships have thorns too, if untended end up needing help.

Sometimes it is too late to turn the difficulties into love again, but it may be worth the struggle.

Do no give up on Love

But do not give up on your love if both of you want to try to love again. It may be worth the effort.

I know that when I receive roses as a gift, I start out tending them well, changing the water often and picking off the dead roses, but there seems to be no way that you can keep them looking good for more than about a week.

But with relationships, those tended do well, while the people who do not reach out to tend to their marriage or special friendships, do not last. This need to tend often works with everything in life.

Work on yourself, work on your partnership and before you know it, things can get better, and if not, find relationships and begin anew.