It Is Time For A Strong Woman


It is hard to believe how strong our winter is this year.

I remember bad winters as a child when I would have enough snow for not only a snowman, but also large snow forts!

Storms  have been passing through almost every week this year; this 2014 snow year will probably go down in history in New York.

Continuous Silence

The landscape seems like one continuous snowy silence, with strong winds, and then quiet, peaceful blue sky; peaceful one minute, and the next a whiteout of heavy snow, covering everything in its sight.

Snow covers just about everything this year.

Snow covers just about everything this year.

The Strength of Men

My dad is like a snow storm, strong  in character but with some flaws that follow him around like the winter forecast of continuous snow warnings.

You can warn him about something, but he does not   listen because he spends many hours trying to be the best he can be; not paying attention to much, just focused on his goals.

All strong men seem to be that way; centered on one thing at a time so that they can immerse themselves into their task.

Because of this affliction, they concentrate on their future too much, and forget about the present moment, and the beauty of living for today.

Cold winter months can become beautiful, scenic springs.

Cold winter months can become beautiful, scenic springs.

My dad  was a very successful person in his business and now that he is retired, I look back at all of his accomplishments and feel a bit overwhelmed by the magnitude.

Dad stands strong on many issues, and lets everyone around him know about it.

His  inner being is so very strong that you have to listen, he will not have it any other way; he demands attention!

In his past, he accomplished many things in life; changing careers at least two times, and today, many people know and love him, along with people who know and don’t like him at all!

The Strong Centered Man

Strong men seem to be in the center, or the center of attraction!

Some people are jealous, while others are amazed.

Not sure how I feel about strong men.

Strong Women

For women, men get in the way, especially strong ones. Women have come a long way, but they still take a back seat to a strong man; mainly because women want strength, but they also want softness.

I find myself becoming stronger as I age. It may be because I do not care about what others think of me.

I am just here, centered and balanced. Not centered strong, centered softly.

That is where a strong woman has it over a man. She can gather others under her wings with her good deeds and tender ways.

Her center is not about strength and power. Most strong women center on harmony and caring. And most strong woman are loved for their strength, not collecting enemies.

The Yin and Yang of a Strong Woman

Women are like the yin and yang of the poses of life.

Their Yin is strong and passionate, while their yang flows and dances softly. They can stay with the yin pose of life, strong in character, but with yang softness.