Gentle on Yourself

Sometimes I want to go gently into the sunset, gliding through the ups and downs without the stress of life, but when I do that, I get bored. And in the winter, the sunshine in New York is limited. When it is there, I run outside to capture a few moments; wanting more, but only for brief moments is there sunshine here. Some people say you should move away to a place where there is more sunshine, and I do think about that on occasion, but being here, around my family is good for me right now. And we do have some perks, including beautiful summers, lovely springs and colorful fall months.

Where is your path taking you to? Are you gentle on yourself?

Where is your path taking you to? Are you gentle on yourself?

Gentle ways

Gentle ways are my times alone, spending time in silence. I like this because I do not have to speak to anyone, and I can meditate, giving my body and soul time to rest. Even in the dream state you are busy with messages in your mind, but when you meditate, you work on clearing things out, and just being still.

Physical Ways

There are physical ways that you can go gently into life. I love to do yoga. I do gentle flowing poses alone, much like dance, staying in the pose for only a few moments, or longer if I like the feel of the pose. Gentle flowing yoga is something you can try too.

You can also use some dance moves to stay in. I think yoga and dance have a lot in common.

Spiritual Gentle Waves of Comfort

Being spiritual brings love into your heart. It does not have to be a focused religious state, it can be your time to just be with your soul. I pick up a book that focuses on finding peaceful ways and I read it. Then I take a walk, contemplating on what I need to do to be more in touch with my soul.

Moving Your Mind  Toward Positive Ways

I am sure you can think of many ways to be gentle on yourself today. But try it every single day of your life. Do not punish yourself with negativity, stay focused on positive, loving ways with yourself and others.

Even people who are not so nice to you may not deserve your loving ways, but give to them. It may be harder to give to people who do not give back, but sooner or later, everything you do that is good, comes back to you in abundance.