Changing your Mood

In the winter, you may have a hard time  keeping your mood stable and your mind out of the blues.
Some good ways to combat these depressive moments can be  with music.
Positive moments with soft, loving music can create a mood shift. You will find that you even think better and feel much more relaxed with some background music. It is amazing how music can change your mood and perspective in just a moment in time.

Whenever you are feeling down, angry, full of anxiety, try some soothing music to calm and balance your soul. Music digs deep down into your soul, helping you to harmonize yourself and others who may benefit from you turning on the soft tunes.

Looking at the beauty of a red rose

Try some color, especially reds to change your mood to a better one!

Try some color, especially reds to change your mood to a better one!

Red is a very powerful color that can help you in many ways. Just looking at a rose brings a smile to my face.

The color red is the color of loving moments with that special person. Red roses signify love and giving.

But red also goes deeper into your subconscious, bringing some strength to your internal being. When I wear red, I can feel its power and strength.

Red and oranges are my power colors when I want to bring some strength into my life.


A Red Scarf

Recently, I bought a red scarf. I wore it to my mom’s passing because she enjoyed reds, and other bright colors as I do. I miss my mom, and a day does not go by without thinking of her, dreaming or visualizing her presence.

This scarf is very special to me.

And when I need some strength, or my mother near, I wear it, keeping it near so that I can see it everyday.

Working on the Positive Moments

Another area that many authors speak on is the power of the positive. You do not have to be a Pollyanna who speaks nothing except sweet thoughts. What you need is some stopping power in your internal being. Being able to say, ” Stop thinking that negative thought,” may be all you need to work on.

Thought stoppage works for many people. The next time you have a negative thought or image in your mind, tell yourself to stop, and change that negativity into a more positive image. You may have to look at a rose for a few minutes in order to change your mood, but beauty images are everywhere, because the sun is always shining on you.

Mood and Movement

Find ways to move. Dancing and walking can help with your mood.  Change your ways to a more positive you by free spirit dancing. Just move around in random movements. I do this in my yoga class. I have students get into the flow of movement.

Walking also  helps me with my mood.

When I move my body, It instantly changes my mood to a better one.