The Quality of Your Life

When I look back at my life, I want it to be filled with peace and harmony, just like this frozen pond, quiet beauty

When I look back at my life, I want it to be filled with peace and harmony. Living well and loving my life.

Many people live a long time but their quality of life may not be good

The quality of your life is much more important than longevity is, however, you can improve your chances of a healthier aging process by taking a look at what you are doing in your mind, body and spirit to keep yourself well.

Ailments Later in Life

Many people suffer from ailments later in life.

Some hereditary forces can put a damper on our health, but there are also other contributing factors such as smoking,  drinking, drugging, eating too much, or being a couch potato and never exercising.

If you want to live longer, you may have to change it up, stay slender, get rid of addictive behaviors, and do some cardio to keep the heart beating well!

So many people shorten their lives with behaviors that they can change. I know that it is difficult to get rid of a behavior that is ruining your health. I have been there too, but I changed. Today, my diet is healthier, and I do not have anymore behaviors keeping me from good health and wellness. It is a long struggle to give up things that you know are damaging to your body, but with some motivation ( internal and external) and momentum, you can do it.

Once you start, the momentum,  good behaviors keep you focused.

Looking at your present diet
One of the first steps should be  to look at your diet.

Take a look closely at what you are eating right now.

Before you change it up, write down everything to see where you need some changes. Maybe it is not what you eat, it is about things  such as eating too fast, eating standing up, or skipping meals.

People who skip meals gain weight!! They think they will lose, but believe me, you gain when you skip because you are way to hungry later on, and then eat too much!!

What you eat is important
You can eat more, if you eat the right foods.

Green leafy veggies and squashes can be a great addition to any meal. Experiment with different recipes and different ingredients.
Also, use  grains. It is not just about rice and pasta, there are many more grains that are tasty and nutritious, packed with protein so that you can lose some of the meat in your diet, replacing it with grains.


Do it every single day so that you do not procrastinate. You do not have to do vigorous exercising every day, just do something!


Changing your mindset is what you need to do. Become a winner. Be positive about your ability to make the changes you need to do in order to improve.

Get others involved in your new life. They too may be looking for some improvements in their lives. Share recipes, walk together, motivate each other!