Staying Happy

What else is there in life besides happiness?

Gazing at the beauty of nature give me a feeling of contentment.

Gazing at the beauty of nature give me a feeling of contentment.

Your primary goal in life is to find a way to be happy and content.
How can you maintain this type of behavior?
It takes a lot of practice reminding yourself that it enriches your soul to be as happy as you can.

When you are happy, you send that energy to others.

You do not  have to touch them physically, ( although a nice hug or pat on the back is wonderful to give others), your vibes move through your good thoughts and deeds.

Finding Your  Internal Bliss
Other people cannot make you happy, it is up to you.

It has to be an internal flow that guides you toward your inner wellness and health.
Practice smiling, even when you don’t want to. It can really help to lift your mood when you smile.
Practice laughing. Laughing can be as contagious as negativity! I have been told that I have an infectious laugh! And one of my daughter’s has it too. It is loud and boisterous, and people come to me and say that they heard me coming. This laugh has become the way people remember me! Someone even recorded my laugh, called me and had me listen!

Nature Walks

Find happiness in nature walks.

In  the winter there are subtle colors blending in the background of a leafless tree.

The browns, reds and greens are still there but in a softer more delicate way. There is much beauty around us in every season.

Cooking Healthy

Take time to make soup in the winter to warm you up, and energize your body. Use lots of fresh veggies, especially squashes such as acorn with its natural sweetness. Chunks of acorn squash and sweet potatoes give a heartiness to your soups.

It is time to make your path in life one that is enlightened with happiness and love.