Thank You

It seems like I just turned around and my youth is gone.

Why does time pass by so very fast?

Just sitting on a bench, being thankful for life.

Just sitting on a bench, being thankful for life.

When you were young you did not think about how little time you have on this Earth.

Today, you may even continue this struggle with things  that should not concern you. You may have angry moments about a job, or sadness about things that are gone, but you are still here, and should learn to be happy and grateful.

But time keeps ticking on like the hands of a clock, perhaps even passing you by. Moments and moments of struggling will not make life better, it just is what it is. Life unfolds as it should.


Accepting things as they are

There are so many things that just happen, and even the calm breeze can turn into a winter storm.

Just like the things that happen to us through the years. The good, bad and ugly things all have their lessons for us.  You have weathered the storm and have the wrinkles and laugh lines to prove it.

Today you are  standing strong and sturdy throughout the turmoil, and are grateful for everything in your life because you are so very lucky to just be here.

And now, all of a sudden you are older, and you want to rush to get where you want to go! And what is it that you really want?

Or is it that you just want to be able to spend more time with your family, because you know that time is limited too.

That is why people have come up with such things as a Bucket List.

The number one thing to do may be to make a list of the important things that you may have missed, and adding  what you need to do to help someone else reach their star!

When you find gratitude for the things you have, you may not be as challenged about what you have not completed, or what you think you want.

Your Yesterdays

Yesterday, when I started to talk about what was going on 40 years ago, that is when I realized that I was getting older.

I found myself reminiscing on things that many people I know today, have no idea about. That is when I got it- I was the oldest person in the room.

So what do you do now?

There are many people to thank for where I am today. And there are so many wonderful things that are in my life that I have to start writing a journal of my grateful moments!

Be grateful every day that you can take another breath, and spend time with your friends, family and yourself. Develop your spiritual internal voice and share your wisdom with others.