Different Aspects of Painful Times

When I think of pain I think of all the aspects of it

There are different kinds of pain that can effect your wellness.

Physical pain is the one that is the easiest to talk about because it has a focus in an area of the body, but emotional and spiritual pain are different. When you lose your spirit, or your emotions run wild,  this can lead toward not feeling physically well because of your inability to control emotions or your  lack of a spiritual purpose in life with meaningful activities.

How Do You Deal with the Pain in Your life?

Do you have some painful times right now that you are having a hard time with?

Some people  seem to have a better handle on pain, suffering through things better. Or maybe they are able to hide their feelings better than others.

Others feel the pea under their mattress just like the fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea.

The princess was so very sensitive, she  felt everything, even the smallest, tiny pea under her mattress. She probably had heightened emotions too, with quick tears.

Your Perception is Unique

It is how you perceive pain. Your personal physical, emotional and spiritual pain is yours alone.

My  Personal Tolerance

I believe that I have a strong tolerance for physical pain, but emotionally I carry tears close to my heart. This makes life difficult for me when  I have a problem that needs emotional strength. But I survive with the strength of others who help me.

My Spiritual sense is strong

My spirit helps me to see how beautiful our  world is, and how much I have.

It helps me to realize the abundance that I have in my life.

Practice with your spirit to make it stronger. Read inspiring literature that teaches you some lessons on loving others and your purpose in life.

Painful Times and Your Physical Being: Leading Toward Emotional and Spiritual Decline

In the winter you may  have more pain and inflammation which may make you feel down or even depressed.

More and more research is confirming that the true culprit to pain and inflammatory response is sugar. And for some reason, we crave those carbohydrates in the winter. Our body seems to be telling us to fatten up!

It must be a primal need in the winter. The cavemen had to fatten up in order to survive the long winter. But you need to keep the extra weight off of your body. It is a kind of hibernation that many people go through.

Winter can be beautiful like a stream running through the snow. Water still moves even when it struggles.

Winter can be beautiful like a stream running through the snow. Water still moves even when it struggles.



And with this physical suffering, the emotional component can pour into your mind, causing depression and even anger.

The short days without sun causes many people to become depressed. With some, it is a Seasonal Affliction ( Seasonal Affective Disorder), but for others it can be the beginning of a deep Clinical Depression that lasts a long time.



This emotional pain can be just as strong as any physical pain one can suffer. There are things that help such as eating healthier and physical activity.  A long walk or a exercise class in yoga has been shown to help.  Keeping yourself on the right path toward wellness is a daily event that you have to stick to! No more procrastination, if you want to feel well in mind, body and spirit.

Winter Blues

In the wintertime I struggle with depression, especially with long periods of no sun.

Taking Vitamin D can help (make sure your dose also contains  Calcium and magnesium, and  ask your MD for a Vitamin D Level).  Another modality is mood lights, and there is growing evidence related to these special lights.

A therapeutic light can help during those long winter days with your mood.


The spirit can be hurt in many ways. The first thing I think about it death.  Death can trigger depression and the loss of your internal spiritual guide.

When someone close to you dies, there is an emptiness deep inside your inner being that has to be re-filled with meaningful ways to deal with spiritual pain.

Talking to others who may have experienced  a death or loss, spending time with people less fortunate than you, or taking time for yourself on a new creative project can be just the thing to help you.

Make a goal today to put more meaning into your life by helping someone else who needs you, and bring some joy into your life.