Health is Being Whole and United

The word health means wholeness: And Yoga means to Unite with yourself and others in mind, body and spirit

Health encompasses your entire being. When you are healthy, you entire being thanks you, not just your physical body, but your mind and soul feel nourished.

That is why modalities such as yoga can tap into all of your  many selves, especially the part of you that can just be. Your physical body takes a long time to understand the importance of being still and strong.

When you practice yoga, your stillness becomes a healthy way to calm your mind, body and soul, and you can begin to feel some harmony and balance in your life.

Finding ways to be one and still within your being may require that you look at yourself differently.  To stay healthy and well, you may have to take some me time with your inner being.

Slow Down and be Silent

Find  your calmness within  your breath.

Slowing  it down, and just being silent.

Hope and Silence

Silence is like hope.

You wish you can stay focused on the positive in hope, and in silence, you hold tight onto trying not to speak, hoping you can manage it. Their likeness comes in the positive moments that come when you are hopeful, and when you are silent.

Try taking a day off from speaking.

You will find this lonely at first, but after a few hours you will be  one with yourself, searching for a pen and paper to write down those deep thoughts that have been inside of you; part of your spirit side. You will begin to see why it is so important to get your soul ready for living. Soul work takes time. You need to explore and read about things that help you stay inspired and helpful toward yourself and others. Your goal in life is to be there for yourself; keeping yourself well so that you can be there for others when they need you.

Do not look for perfection, just be wherever you are

Find your tree of life, and be still and strong.

Find your tree of life, and be still and strong.

The goal in yoga is not perfection. It is not a competitive sport.
The goal is to reach the edge in our asanas (poses), not too easy, not too hard, just right as Goldie locks would agree.
So join your mind, body and spirit through yoga. Notice how your breath allows you to feel your emotional body.
Take it slow, and mindfully practice your yoga poses.
Come into your pose, resolving to be still. Stay in the pose and think of nothing but your breath.
Ask yourself if you desire to go deeper into the pose, and then hold it for as long as you like. Deep yin poses to strengthen your inner self, and find your spiritual being.

Practice being still, trying some challenging balances such as tree. When you are a tree, you move slightly with the breeze of a summer’s day. When you are an Eagle, you are strong and still; perched in the tree branch,  looking down at the Earth in its wonder.

When you are a warrior poses , you have strong but soft arms that guide you into the pose. Let your inner spirit guide you into a deeper practice of poses that become meditative, and flows that are smooth and dance-like.