It is all about your perspective

When you dream at night, you have an entirely different perspective inside your mind, much different from your waking state.

“Wake Up And Smell The Coffee, ” and this may lead you toward a path of enlightenment.

What do you want to do right now?

Does your present  life just exist, or are you excited and enlightened by things that you do?

Do you sit by your mailbox of life, waiting for the right moment?

What are you waiting for? A new way of doing things? A different perspective in life?

What are you waiting for? A new way of doing things? A different perspective in life?

Your inner dream self is much more confident and able to take greater chances in life. Your dream self can soar like a bird above, looking down at the world, seeing things from a different perspective.
Why can’t we take chances like we do in our dreams?
If you change your perspective of what you are really about, you probably will be able to do more challenging things with your life.
What do you really have to lose?

Maybe some money from trying something that requires an investment?

Maybe someone will laugh at you for trying new things that seem different to them.

Or maybe you are just too scared to take the first step toward a better place in life.

 Too Scared To Take Chances?

If you feel stuck in this moment, unable to move, it may be time for you to really look at things from a different angle.

This is your time
Whatever it is, you only live once, so you better get out there and try some of the things that you want to do.
Expanding Your Perspective with some challenges
Start out small, and try something new. Maybe it is just a little challenge for yourself.

Something you already know something about, and want to expand upon.
I love art, my art,  and other people’s artwork.

I am going to challenge myself to do a different medium of art that I have not done in a long time and see if I am good at it. I have tried metalwork, painting with acrylics and oils, maybe it is time for a mural. Have not done one in a long time, and it was not a great experience, but maybe this time it will be. Mural painting can even be a way to gather artist together so that you get different perspectives on the process, subject, colors!

Confidence Building
Looking at things from a different point of view may give you more confidence to try something different and challenging.
Or maybe plunging into something that is an extreme challenge  is what you need to do  right now.

If you are feeling that  you have not done anything but safe ways, and really want to fly, literally try flying.  So it may be time to sky dive.

Whatever it is, check it out from a different perspective. Looking at things differently, from a different angle in time.