Broken but Stronger

Become a butterfly, starting out small and plain, and then evolving into a beautiful being.

Become a butterfly, starting out small and plain, and then evolving into a beautiful being.



A long time ago someone did me wrong. Lied, cheated and even when confronted with the facts, they still did not admit wrong doing.
“It was something that just happened.” they said to me with sad eyes. I thought I was over it, and I  had moved on until I had to have them help me.




I wanted to continue the hatred because it felt better than forgiveness, so I struggled for many years thinking that they would just go away and I would not have to deal with even seeing them.
Well they did not go away, and they keep coming back to help me and my family with some difficulties we are having. They are even good at helping.

It is all about me and how I deal with it
Maybe I have unresolved feelings that I need to deal with so that I can accept things the way they are and stop wishing this would just end.
It is not going to end. So I have to learn how to deal with looking in the eyes of people who did me wrong. They know and have even apologized for their wrong doing but it still hurts like a hot poker in my ribs.

What has happened to me as I come through this tragic moment in my life is that I am stronger in all those broken places. Physically, emotionally and spiritually; I am stronger.

Karmic Laws

Karma laws deal with causes and effects, and how they trigger even more and more good or bad effects. “We reap what we sow.”

Therefore all the bad things that happened to me that have caused other bad happenings are coming to an end because the bad people are now turning their karmic ways into good deeds.

And every good deed causes a good effect and moves toward another good one.

Therefore, the  wrong doers can turn around and change things.

Working on it

If you have broken places in your heart, you need to begin working on it.

Those old feelings need to be in the past, and for the future, forget about that!

Stay in your present moment, taking walks in your mind that stream into the present and how thankful you are that you can take another breath.

Walk outdoors and feel the sun warming you, gaze at the wonders of the world and smile often.

Karmic thoughts– taken from: Chopra, D. ( 1994) The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Amber – Allen Publishing. San Rafael, CA.