Something Simple

There is so much information on how to put balance into your life. But we need to find our own way through some soul searching.
Soul searching can consist of looking deeper into yourself for some guidance, or outside of yourself with nature. I have always found water scenes to give me the most harmonious pleasure.

The blueness of water and its constant movement  is soothing, giving a sense of calmness and peace; a meditative state that you may be  looking for.

As a child I lived near Lake Erie and could go to the water any time I wanted to just be. The sound of the waves, the smell of the water and the birds singing above me all lifted my spirits.

Just sitting on the cliff looking at the waves coming into shore, one after another with an even, harmonious balance, would calm any problem I was encountering as a child. Water visions still help me today. There is something so very balanced about thinking of water or being on a boat, swaying with the soft wind lifting you and bringing you to a safe landing.

Watching someone moving on by can be a soothing moment in time.

Watching someone moving on by can be a soothing moment in time.


As the winter passes by, you may begin to miss the warmer weather, and gazing at water scenes.

But you can picture it in your mind; the soothing sounds of the water and its fresh smell.

The tiny wave rolling in and out, giving you some peace.

It clears your mind, and you become still with awe. How can something so simple help with harmony so very much?

Find some simple things in life that help you to stay centered and in harmony with your inner self.