Stop Wasting Your Time

Many people including myself waste a lot of time

This is one of my new explorations; to find ways to make my life less complicated.

Some of my best moments of my past were when it was very simple. Just sitting or watching.

Some of my best moments of my past were when it was very simple. Just sitting or watching. You don’t even have to light the fire

I thought that when I retired I would be more productive, but it has turned out that I am less productive, except with my blogging!
When I use to talk to my mom about all that   I was doing, she would say, “Concentrate on the writing because that is what you are good at, you are the Anne Landers of Bloggers!”

She also told me that I should make sure that I write every single day because that is what my fans want, ( just like Anne Landers for those of you who do not know who I am talking about.  Anne wrote every day.)

Anne was famous for her advice line in many newspapers. People who believed in her would read her every day and share her advice with others.

Since my mom passed a few months ago, I have wanted to do something special for her, ” For you mom, I will make my New Year’s Resolution to write every single day, just for you!”

Another area of my self-improvement will be to increase my creative thinking time to at least 1 hour per day. I usually do at least 1/2 hour of walking and meditating which clears my mind for creativity! Creativity needs contemplation, and time for  not thinking about anything at all!

 You can do it too– Light your fire with some creative thinking by De-Cluttering your Mind and Home!

It is like a light has gone off in my head when I think about my path toward enlightenment. “Wow, I say to myself, why haven’t I thought of this before. Simplify, De-Clutter and it will all become clear.”

So stop wasting all that time, and be joyful about what you do and think about. Bring joy into your life with doing meaningful things that count!