Finding Your Passion

Everyone seems to know that they need to be passionate about something in order to be good at it, but how many of us truly follow our dreams?

And do your become more enlightened if you are more passionate about what you do?

Does it become a spiritual path as you get closer to your dreams?

A beautiful picture is a passionate way to dream. Walking in nature and taking some pictures could become your passion.

Even looking at weeds can be a passionate gaze

Even looking at weeds can be a passionate gaze

I too have some passions in my life.

My first passion is finding ways to help others.

That is a good one to start with because it is broad. There are so many ways to do things that involve helping.
I started with volunteer work. That became a strong passion of mine for about 2 years and then the people I volunteered for asked me to come and work for them. I have been doing it for about a year now, and the passion is still strong because it involves my number one love- helping others. So I do both; some volunteer work and some paid.


The Missing Piece In My Life
But there still is a missing piece for me that I just can’t get to! Not sure where to go from here.
My number 2 passion has always been my writing.

I seem to put that one on the back burner because I use my writing skills to help others by writing about health.

These healthy blogs that I write almost daily fill part of my passion but I need the next step toward publishing so that I will have a bigger audience who will benefit.
Now I wonder if that is all I need, or if it is just one more step toward my next passionate idea?

Looking at life as one passionate idea after another is a good thing.

Put your creative cap on today and find your passion in life. It is worth the struggle.

Is there something deep inside of you that needs to come out and say, “Yes, I can do it, I can follow my dreams!”

And if you find more than one desire, write them down and check them off as you complete your list.